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Aurore Garnier
Aurore Garnier

Aurore Garnier is a specialist of security and defence issues, and a graduate of the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. She worked for more than 10 years in the French intelligence services, both at the Ministry of Home Affairs and within Special Forces of the Ministry of Defence.

Having acquired a high level of expertise in the West African theaters, she established in Abidjan in 2013 from where she develops her activities in the field of business intelligence, strategic analysis and security.

Nowadays, she operates throughout the subcontinent relying on an extensive network of analysts and qualified contacts. Heritage protection, economic intelligence, investigations: she accompanies many private and institutional players in their development strategy, but also in the development of their security policy.

She implements various safety tools (sensitization, audits, evacuation plans, crisis management, etc.) and provides Security Experts, for purposes of missions of close protection, technical support or operational management.

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