Risk Management

Land of important growth opportunities, the sub-continent is also the stage of multiple, protean threats. With the experience of its founders, ISAO developed an approach that combines intelligence, safety and a strong local presence to protect the company from risks and crisis

Risk Management


To manage the pursuit of the company’s development before risk materializes:

  • Risk evaluation
  • Due diligence and background checks
  • Detection of weak signals: geopolitical, societal, economic, operational
  • Public affairs


To ensure the integrity of the company’s human, tangible and intangible assets, considering the nature of our clients’ activities and local specificities- security conditions, as well as economic, political and social circumstances:

  • Safety audit and technological solutions recommendations
  • Coordination with defence and security forces
  • Sensitization of the personnel about global and specific risks
  • Support and follow-up of CSR partners


To respond to a crisis, to react quickly and efficiently in order to defend and protect the company without compromising the future:

  • Implementation of evacuation plans
  • Operational interface with defence and security forces
  • Connection with our network of jurists and lawyers
  • Public affairs and media relations