Business Intelligence

In a region where information remains rather inaccessible and often informal, ISAO, deeply rooted in the territory and bolstered by a well-positioned contact network, allows you to access precise and trust-worthy information, and to benefit from suitable, up-to-date analysis.

Business Intelligence

Markets intelligence

To make the right decision, at the right time, based on verified and pertinent data:

  • Prospective studies
  • Market research/competitive benchmarking

Strategic intelligence

To understand decision paths, identify the key-actors and act efficiently:

  • Mapping of actors and decision-making chains
  • Lobbying and influence strategies

Due dilligence

In order to be surrounded by solid partners, verify their reliability and maintain a necessary vigilance due to the issues at stake for the company:

  • Research and validation of industrial or commercial partners
  • Investigation and analysis: company image and reputation, judiciary background, social risks, assets tracking, business practices…